Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Emma NaylorEmma Naylor
Passed 1st time!
Adam is so friendly and thanks to him i passed first time! He is always prompt and is very easy to get on with. I would recommend him for anyone, as he is very good at teaching and tailoring the lesson to suit your needs and improve your driving! Thank you Adam!

Jade ClarkJade Clark
Adam is one of the nicest and most patient people I've ever met. He really made me feel at ease while driving, and never once got cross when I made a mistake. We always talked through what I wanted to work on at the start of each lesson, and he used diagrams to help explain difficult road layouts before we got to them so I always felt in control. I feel like I've been taught to be a safe driver in general, not just to pass a test, and I can now drive with confidence, something I never thought possible. I will be eternally grateful to Adam for all his help and advice, and I would absolutely recommend him to new learners!

Adam HaworthAdam Haworth
Passed 1st time!
Adam is one of the friendliest people there is, as well as having a full professional approach he gets to know you and treats you like a friend and loves what he does. Adam is very precise with exercises to improve and tackle driving errors and makes the most out of your lessons like going off what you want to work on at the start of the lesson so you can go at your own pace and feel 100% confident so you can be a faultless driver when you pass your test. He's very calm and patient which made me feel at complete ease every lesson. I genuinely couldn't of asked for a better and kinder instructor and don't think anyone else could of made me pass first time. Thanks a lot Adam!

Sarah FogdenSarah Fogden
Passed 1st time!
Adam is a great instructor that makes learning to drive a fun and comfortable experience.

Mark MansoldoMark Mansoldo
Adam was a great driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to any learner. He was consistently calm, patient and working at a comfortable pace but with an aim to progress throughout each lesson. He was always punctual and took notes at the end of every session to keep track of what had been covered. I found Adam to be very friendly and professional, giving praise as well as being happy to work on any weaknesses where necessary.

Jack BrailsfordJack Brailsford
Learning to drive with Adam has been a wonderful experience. Right from the first lesson I felt really comfortable when driving with him and found it incredibly easy to pick up the necessary skills to become a proficient driver. His undying patience and expert advice led me to become fully confident in any driving situation. It is always a good laugh in the car and there was never a dull moment learning with him. I would recommend Adam to anyone without question, no matter what skill or confidence level. It has been a pleasure to have been taught by him and I thank him for giving me the right tools to be on the roads today.

Cameron ClarkeCameron Clarke
1st time pass!
Adam was a great instructor. He was never late to a lesson, & always made the most of the time we had. He was very calm & collected throughout my whole experience, & friendly. I really enjoyed learning to drive thanks to Adam.

Sam WebbSam Webb
Passed 1st time!
I was looking for an instructor who would be easy to work with and get me ready for my test as quick as possible, Adam was for sure the right instructor. At the end of every lesson I really felt like I'd learnt a lot and felt more confident behind the wheel. After completing a semi intensive course over five months, I passed my test 1st time with only one minor. Adam was more than flexible with my lesson times and made the whole process of learning to drive very easy. I will be recommending Adam to anyone who is looking to learn to drive!

Kc Dee FranceschiniKc Dee Franceschini
I couldn't thank you enough for all of your time and patience. You've been so calming and brilliant with helping me find different ways suiting how I learn and making me feel confident with driving. I have been and will always recommend you to everyone. I DID IT 😁!!!

Jasmine AustinJasmine Austin
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me, & thank you for being a wonderful driving instructor!

Kimberley BatesKimberley Bates
Passed 1st time!
Adam is a fantastic instructor and I fully credit him with helping me pass my test first time. I am a naturally nervous person, but Adam's teaching helped me learn to be relaxed behind the wheel. He is excellent at identifying where improvement is needed and I couldn't recommend him more highly. Thanks for being a great instructor!

Daniel HigbyDaniel Higby
Passed 1st time!
Adam was fantastic during my intensive driving week & taught me all the key skills I needed plus built my confidence up to help me achieve my goal of passing my driving test first time. Thanks Adam I could not have done it without you, you have such great patience and skill.

Gareth PackhamGareth Packham
I cannot recommend Adam enough as a driving instructor. He is patient, enthusiastic and a genuine 'nice guy'. Adam was great at finding different ways to explain issues with my driving and instinctively knew when to change tact when something wasn't working. I put off learning to drive for a number of years after a bad experience with another instructor and was immediately put at ease on my intensive course by Adam, I only wish I had found, and passed, with Adam sooner!

Casey LopezCasey Lopez
Having done my test 3 times before and failing on all 3 occasions, and having been learning to drive for almost 2 years with 3 different instructors, Adam is the most amazing instructor ever. He got my confidence back up and gave me so many amazing tips on how to do my manoeuvres and how to deal with sticky situations. I would recommend him to anyone! He makes you feel so at ease if you do mess up, and is so patient with you! I finally passed 4th time with Adam!

Gabriella ByrneGabriella Byrne
Traumatic is the word I'd describe for driving - before I started learning with Adam. He is so calm and patient in every situation which builds confidence in your own driving ability. Adams teaching style is very flexible in the sense that he can adapt to each pupil for their unique learning pattern which is fundamental for success. I first started driving four years ago and I found it horrendously difficult and confusing but after a few hours driving with Adam, I felt safe and confident in what I was doing. Adam is so personable he makes lessons enjoyable and even though I'm so happy I passed, I'll miss driving with him every week!!

James SaundersJames Saunders
I switched to Adam from another instructor based on the recommendation of some of his other students. I had a great experience, he was always calm, patient and gave great guidance and feedback during and after every lesson which made me feel confident in my ability and motivated to improve my driving. Most of all I enjoyed having lessons with Adam that were able to fit around my busy schedule. He has really given me the confidence to drive independently and I can't thank him enough for helping me pass. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone learning to drive.

Alin SabouAlin Sabou
1st Time Pass!
For over the last 7 months I have been learning to drive with Adam. I have found him to be very professional and extremely attentive. His teaching style is very calm and collective and he boosts your confidence even when you feel you may have made some mistakes or are having a bad day. I passed my test first time thanks to Adam's teaching style. I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for his hard work and support during my time learning with him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Robert DunfordRobert Dunford
1st Time Pass!
Adam is a cool, calm and collective instructor who is easy to build a good rapport with. He is Very flexible with learning techniques and his advice is concise and understandable. He always has a smile on his face which did really help! He was happy to go to various places to best suit whatever I needed to learn and kept the conversation light and upbeat to lighten the atmosphere. I passed first time after 20 hours with Adam with 3 minors. A very happy customer. I have already recommended him to many friends and will do to many more.

Megan GriffithsMegan Griffiths
1st Time Pass!
Adam was an excellent instructor, due to the fact I always felt comfortable and relaxed in the car even when I wasn't having a good day. He never got stressed or anxious at any point. I passed my test first time with only two minors, and the LDC website mock tests and hazard perception tests meant I also passed my theory on my first attempt. after passing my test I was also allowed to have a lesson on the motorway, this has meant that I feel confident in myself when I have to make journeys.

Katie WellsKatie Wells
Passed 1st Time!
I passed my first test with only 3 minors, all thanks to Adam's calm and positive approach. Being American, I was extremely nervous about roundabouts and driving on the opposite side of the road & car. Adam put my mind to ease and allowed me to meet my own objectives during our training, repeating any streets or reversing exercises as much as I needed, and always taking the time to work through any tricky spots on paper. He was also flexible and able to squeeze me in during my lunch breaks at work which was great as a mature driving student. Thanks Adam!!

Lizzie ClarkeLizzie Clarke
1st Time Pass!
My experience when learning to drive with Adam was very good. When I first started learning to drive I wasn't very confident, & tried two driving instructors before I found Adam. But he managed to increase my confidence massively, which in turn improved my driving. The main things I liked about Adam's teaching is that he always asked what I wanted to work on, or if there was anything I wanted to do. And it felt like he was helping me learn to drive in a way that not only boosted my confidence, but would also make me a safe driver for life, not just teaching me how to pass a test.

Sofia WardSofia Ward
I am a very anxious person, so driving was a scary experience for me. But Adam really helped me to relax. If I ever had a question or was struggling, he would give me all the extra support & advice I needed. Without Adam I don't know how I would have passed. He has helped shape me into a confident & safe driver. Thank you so much Adam!

Christa ByrneChrista Byrne
1st Time Pass!
When I first started lessons with Adam I was very nervous, but he quickly made me feel comfortable in what I was doing. Although I was making many mistakes at first, Adam taught me to be calm & think about what to do.

James MackayJames Mackay
Adam is a very patient driving instructor. He listened to my feedback & found ways to help me improve. He helped me progress at a suitable rate, meaning I felt safe & confident, but at the same time I felt like I was progressing well.

Jordan HeadJordan Head
After choosing Adam from LDC as my instructor, I was very pleased with how reassuring & understanding he was in the first few lessons when I was making mistakes. I opted to take a semi-intensive course due to other commitments. Adam was able to give me advice from his driving experience that made me a better driver, & gave me the confidence I needed for my test. The LD System was helpful, especially in the first few lessons when I was getting to grips with controlling the car & interacting with other road users.

Beth MorganBeth Morgan
Adam is a very calm & friendly instructor, who was always helpful. He has been the only instructor that actually managed to help me understand driving. Thank you Adam!

Marco NiscoMarco Nisco
Passed 1st Time!
Adam was an extremely good driving instructor, & did a fantastic job at preparing me for my test. Every time I made a mistake I was told not to worry & given constructive comments on how to improve for next time. Adam was always calm & never got angry or annoyed when I was learning to drive, which massively helped boost my confidence & trust my abilities. I would highly recommend Adam as a driving instructor! Thank you very much Adam! :)

Sofia ArshadSofia Arshad
1st Time Pass!
I passed first time with Adam from LDC! I was very nervous to start my lessons & get on the road, but I shouldn't have been. Adam was very patient with me & gave me the confidence & knowledge I needed to be a safe & competent driver. He was the first instructor I picked, & the best one since I passed first time!

Jake TommeyJake Tommey
1st Time Pass!
I passed first time using the One Week LDC Course. The course was great, all the provided materials really helped me to work out what I needed to learn & gave me a clear route to follow. I can't speak highly enough of Adam, he was calm, friendly & informative throughout. He gave me the confidence to learn new skills at a fast pace & the ability to pass the test first time!

Zak DarkZak Dark
Passed 1st Time!
I passed first time with Adam from LDC after taking a Semi Intensive Course. I found the LD System, which was provided, an easy to use & invaluable tool in helping me learn to drive.

Brandon CooperBrandon Cooper
Adam from LDC is a fantastic driving instructor, who is very personable & easy to get along with. He can adapt his teaching style to fit anyone. It has been a pleasure to pass with Adam!

Lewis HamptonLewis Hampton
Adam was a really good instructor, helping me to pass first time in both my theory test and practical driving test, with a useful theory section available on his website as well. Great instructor!

Riannah DeSilvaRiannah DeSilva
I passed first time with Adam, and enjoyed all my lessons! He uses great techniques to help remember things and makes you feel relaxed when driving. I'd recommend him to anyone!

Michaela Jansen van RensburgMichaela Jansen van Rensburg
Adam is a dedicated & patient instructor who teaches the way it suits you. Adam's teachings increased my confidence in driving. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you!

Kieran SmithKieran Smith
I passed first time after an Intensive Course with Adam.
He is a great instructor who is very down to earth & easy to get along with, creating a very comfortable learning environment. He puts a lot of trust in you from day one, putting you straight in the driving seat & making you feel at ease in doing so. I would highly recommend Adam as an instructor.

Simon CorkSimon Cork
I passed my driving test first time with only two minors with Adam Clark, using the LD System. I felt confident & safe in every lesson & was really impressed with his professional approach. His teaching is brilliant.

At the end of every lesson I really felt I'd learnt a lot and I felt more confident behind the wheel after each lesson. Adam is patient, knowledgeable, punctual and full of tips and tricks that really do help.

Using the LDC system really helped me as well. The book is written in an easy to understand language and studying it helped me get better prepared for my lessons.

I would recommend Adam to everyone I know needing driving tuition.

Alanah NorrisAlanah Norris
I passed 1st time with Adam's knowledge & help! He was always on time, & understood that learning to drive isn't as easy as it looks. I will carry on recommending him to every learner I know.

Rebecca StratfullRebecca Stratfull
I am so grateful for the fact you jumped in at such short notice to take me before my test!

You are by far the most explanatory instructor & you explain things in a way that is understandable & easy to remember!

I will recommend you to everyone!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Connor JonesConnor Jones
As someone who put off driving due to a busy schedule, Adam was able to plan my lessons accordingly using the LDC method.

Lessons with Adam were both engaging & fun. I also found that I was able to see my development every lesson, & my road awareness was greatly improved. Adam is a calm yet engaging instructor.

Liam Morris SchmidtLiam Morris Schmidt
I was nervous about learning to drive, & was looking around for someone who might be easy to work with. Adam was the first person I tried & I didn't have to look any further. He made it all seem simple, using a "common sense" approach to learning. I felt that we moved forward at a pace that suited me so I always felt comfortable. I would recommend Adam to anybody who wants to learn to drive & pass their test!